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Revamp Your Interior Electrostatic Window Film for Frosted Glass  Decorative Translucent No Glue Required

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Revamp Your Interior Electrostatic Window Film for Frosted Glass Decorative Translucent No Glue Required

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    Product parameters

    Product Name Frosted pattern film Function Ornamental
    Feature Self-Sticking, Glueless Type Glass Films
    Surface Treatment Embossed,Frosted 3D laser,Frosted pattern Size Customized, Produced On Request
    Shape Planar or Curvilinear, Tailored Color Customized Color
    Usage Glass architectural decoration Advantage Environmental Friendly
    Material PVC After-sale Service Online Technical Support

    products features

    Unleash 600+ Captivating Effect Colors

    Transform Your Product Offerings with High-Quality Decorative Film Choices. Seize New Opportunities Today or Empower Your Team's Design Initiatives!

    Transform with Unprecedented PVC Films

    Highlight Functionalities that Drive Customer Engagement. From Long-lasting UV Protection with a 5-Year Guarantee to Anti-Scratch Endurance Over 10 Years, and Kitchen Cabinet Oil-Resistance – Leverage Your Unique Capabilities to Capture Customer Interest and Loyalty!

    Amplify Your Brand Presence

    Enhance Your Brand's Visibility by Featuring Your Logo Prominently on Packaging. Bid Farewell to Time Wasted on Altering Packing Labels.



    Discover Tailored Solutions for PVC Decorative Film

    Endless Color Possibilities

    Explore a myriad of color options for your PVC decorative film. Whether you seek vibrant shades or soothing neutrals, we can match your desired color palette with precision.

    Durable Functionality for Longevity

    Ensure the longevity of your surfaces with our functional PVC decorative film. With features like UV protection, scratch resistance, and anti-fingerprint properties, your surfaces stay looking fresh for years to come.

    Precision-Cut Widths for Seamless Integration

    Achieve seamless integration with custom-cut PVC decorative film. Whether you need narrow strips or wide panels, our precise cutting ensures a perfect fit for your project.

    Certified Quality for Peace of Mind

    Rest assured with our quality certifications including SGS, ISO, CO, and FTA. Our PVC decorative film meets rigorous standards for performance, safety, and environmental responsibility.