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Transform Your Space Electrostatic Frosted Glass Window Film Decorative Translucent No Glue Needed

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Transform Your Space Electrostatic Frosted Glass Window Film Decorative Translucent No Glue Needed

Stay Ahead with Cost-Effective Solutions: Enhance Competitiveness with Best Cost-Performance PVC Decorative Film

Drive Sales with Dynamic Color Effects: The Ultimate PVC Decorative Film for Business Growth

Deliver Excellence with Customized Solutions: Tailored PVC Decorative Film to Exceed Client Expectations

Quality You Can Trust: SGS, ISO, ROHS Certified PVC Decorative Film to Enhance Your Reputation

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    Product parameters

    Product Name Striated frosted film Function Decorative film
    Feature Self-sticking
    Type Glass Films
    Surface Treatment Embossed,Frosted 3D laser,scrub,smooth Size Customized, Produced On Request
    Shape Flat or Curved,Tailored Color Customized Color
    Usage Architectural Ornamentation Advantage Environmental Friendly
    Material PVC After-sale Service Online Technical Support

    products features

    Explore 600+ Exquisite Effect Colors

    Enhance Your Product Range with the Finest Decorative Film Selection. Secure New Orders Today or Inspire Your Team's Next Design Launch!

    Elevate Your Offerings with Distinctive PVC Films

    Uncover Functionalities that Foster Customer Loyalty. Whether it's UV Protection Backed by a 5-Year Guarantee, Anti-Scratch Durability Exceeding 10 Years, or Oil-Resistance Tailored for Kitchen Cabinets – Embrace Your Unique Features Now!

    Showcase Your Brand Identity

    Ensure Your Brand Logo Stands Out on Packaging for Immediate Recognition. Say Goodbye to Wasting Time on Label Changes and Focus on What Matters Most.



     Elevate Your Decor with Customized PVC Decorative Film Solutions

    Vibrant Custom Color Options

    Explore a spectrum of colors with our custom PVC decorative film solutions. From bold hues to subtle tones, we can match any color to suit your design vision.

    Functional Enhancements for Longevity

    Enhance the durability of your products with our functional PVC decorative film options. With features like UV protection, anti-scratch properties, and fingerprint resistance, your surfaces stay looking pristine for years to come.

    Tailored Widths for Seamless Application

    Achieve seamless integration with custom-width PVC decorative film. Whether you need 750mm, 550mm, or any other size, we can accommodate your specific requirements with precision.

    Quality Assurance Through Certifications

    Our commitment to quality is backed by certifications such as SGS, ISO, Free Marketing Certificate, CO, FTA, and Form F. Rest assured, our products meet stringent standards for performance and safety.