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PET Material Film Based PDLC Smart Glass Enhancing Privacy in Windows


PET Material Film Based PDLC Smart Glass Enhancing Privacy in Windows

PDLC film, a sophisticated privacy enhancer, empowers doors and windows. Electrically tuned, it modulates opacity instantly, safeguarding privacy. Widely adopted, it bolsters spatial intimacy, modulates sunlight, and elevates comfort. Its hue-shifting prowess renders it a sought-after smart material in contemporary design.

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    Product parameters

    Product Name PDLC Film Function Decorative
    Feature Self-Adhesive Type Films/Glass
    Surface Treatment Frosted / Etched / Opaque Size Customized, Produced On Request
    Shape Flat or Curved, Customized Color Customized Color
    Usage Architectural Decoration Advantage Environmental Friendly
    Material PDLC / PET After-sale Service Online Technical Support

    products features

    PDLC Smart Film Privacy Solution

    Intelligent defense against prying eyes, offering convenient privacy control.

    Flexible Space Design

    Break free from fixed spaces, creating a versatile environment balancing privacy and openness.

    Multi-functional Glass

    Switch between touch screen, family cinema, or office projection effortlessly with one glass.

    Safety Assurance

    PDLC Switchable Smart Film provides impact protection, preventing glass splashing in case of fragmentation.

    Eco-friendly and Soundproof

    Blocks 99% UV rays, contributing to environmental protection, while acting as a sound barrier for tranquility.

    Customization Available

    Share your requirements for tailored solutions. Contact us for large-sized PDLC Smart Film customization.


    Widely used in offices, hotels, banks, hospitals, shops, clubs, villas and other places.

    why choose PDLC

    Save Time, Manpower, and Money – the Smart Choice.

    Effortless Transformation

    Choose PDLC for easy DIY installation, saving time and effort.

    Unmatched Versatility

    Ideal for various spaces, PDLC excels in adaptability and style, from offices to bedrooms, hospitals to hotels.

    Cost-Effective Construction

    Outperforming glass and other films, PDLC film saves time, labor, and costs—perfect for renovations.

    Simplified Installation

    PDLC film installs easily, bypassing complex processes, minimizing construction time, and avoiding unnecessary hassles.

    Manpower Efficiency

    Lightweight PDLC film reduces labor needs during handling and installation, enhancing overall construction efficiency.

    Swift Construction

    PDLC's straightforward installation and quick construction cycle significantly reduce the project timeline.

    Cost-Effective Shipping

    Save on sea freight costs with PDLC film.