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Upgrade Your Decor Electrostatic Frosted Glass Window Film Translucent Opaque No Glue 3D Laser Design

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Upgrade Your Decor Electrostatic Frosted Glass Window Film Translucent Opaque No Glue 3D Laser Design

Maximize Business Opportunities with Top-Notch Decorative Film: Elevate Sales Performance, Exceed Client Expectations, and Foster Reputation with Premium PVC Solutions.

Enhance Business Competitiveness with State-of-the-Art Decorative Film: Surge Sales Results, Address Client Preferences, and Cultivate Reputation with Superior PVC Solutions.

Optimize Business Performance with High-Performance Decorative Film: Boost Sales Figures, Meet Client Demands, and Cement Reputation with Best-in-Class PVC Solutions.

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    Product parameters

    Product Name Frosted film Function Aesthetic Coating
    Feature Self-Sticking、No glue Type Glass Films
    Surface Treatment Custom Surface Treatments Size Customized, Produced On Request
    Shape Custom-made for Flat or Curved Surfaces Color Customized Color
    Usage Glass Membranes Advantage Environmental Friendly
    Material PVC After-sale Service Online Technical Support

    products features

    Unlock 600+ Spectacular Effect Colors

    Enhance Your Product Diversity with Premium Decorative Film Choices. Seize New Business Opportunities or Energize Your Team's Design Innovations!

    Embrace with Cutting-Edge PVC Films

    Embody Functionalities that Drive Customer Satisfaction. Introduce Unparalleled UV Protection Validated for 5 Years, Resilient Anti-Scratch Performance, or Specialized Oil-Resistance for Kitchen Cabinets – Position Your Brand as a Trailblazer with Distinctive Features and Win Customer Loyalty!

    Establish Your Brand Authority

    Assert Your Brand's Authority by Featuring Your Logo Prominently on Packaging. Streamline Your Operations by Avoiding the Need for Constant Packing Label Changes.



    Enhance Your Interior with Custom Decorative Film Solutions

    Specialized Solutions for Commercial Applications

    Discover specialized PVC decorative film solutions tailored for commercial applications. From retail spaces to office environments, we offer products designed to meet the demands of high-traffic areas.

    Textured Finishes for Added Depth

    Add depth and dimension to your surfaces with textured PVC decorative film finishes. From embossed patterns to tactile surfaces, we offer options that enhance both visual and tactile appeal.

    Customizable Thickness for Enhanced Durability

    Ensure durability with customizable thickness options for your PVC decorative film. From thin overlays to thicker laminates, we can provide solutions that meet your specific needs.

    Timeless Designs for Classic Elegance

    Achieve classic elegance with timeless PVC decorative film designs. From traditional motifs to refined textures, our products offer enduring beauty that never goes out of style.