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Etch Film Smart Control PDLC Film Window Tint for Home Hotel Office

PDLC Etched Film

Etch Film Smart Control PDLC Film Window Tint for Home Hotel Office

Etched PDLC Film: Combining Privacy with Aesthetic Appeal. Achieve adjustable transparency and an elegant etched appearance for enhanced privacy. Ideal for modern spaces seeking both functionality and visual sophistication.

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    Product parameters

    Product Name Etched PDLC Film Function
    Feature Self-Adhesive Type
    Surface Treatment Frosted / Etched Size
    Shape Customized Color
    Usage Architectural Decoration Advantage
    Material PET/PDLC After-sale Service

    products features

    PDLC films have the advantages of controllable optical properties, privacy protection, energy saving and environmental protection, versatility and customizability, making them have broad application prospects in construction, automobiles, electronic displays and other fields.


    Controllable Optical Properties
    One of the most significant features of PDLC films is their controllable optical properties. By applying an electric field, the PDLC film can quickly switch between transparent and scattering states. This characteristic makes PDLC films widely used in smart glass, privacy curtains, electronic displays and other fields.


    High Privacy Protection
    PDLC film can effectively block the line of sight in the scattering state and provide good privacy protection. This makes PDLC films widely used in office partitions, conference room partitions, medical facilities and other occasions.


    Energy Saving and Environmental Protection
    PDLC film can reduce indoor lighting requirements in the scattering state, thereby saving energy. This energy-saving feature makes PDLC films have important application potential in architectural glass, automotive glass and other fields.


     PDLC film can be applied to various substrates, including glass, plastic, etc., and has strong applicability and versatility. It can be used in smart glass, partition walls, electronic products and other fields.


    Highly Customizable
    PDLC films can be customized according to specific needs, including size, pattern, transparency, etc. This customizability allows PDLC films to meet the needs of different applications, thus being widely used in various fields.


    Widely used in offices, hotels, banks, hospitals, shops, clubs, villas and other places.

    why choose PDLC

    Save Time, Manpower, and Money – the Smart Choice.

    Effortless DIY Installation

    Choose PDLC for time and effort savings.

    Versatile Styling

    Enhance various spaces with adaptable PDLC in offices, bedrooms, hospitals, and hotels.

    Cost-Effective Efficiency

    PDLC films excel in saving time, labor, and costs, perfect for decoration.

    Simplified Process

    Direct PDLC membrane installation reduces construction time and complexity.


    Lightweight PDLC membranes reduce handling and installation labor, enhancing overall efficiency.

    Swift Construction

    Easy PDLC installation speeds up projects, ensuring faster completion.

    Economical Transport

    Cut transportation costs and gain economic benefits with PDLC film.