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Black Anti-UV Window Privacy PDLC Film in Roll for Home and Office


Black Anti-UV Window Privacy PDLC Film in Roll for Home and Office

PDLC switchable film is the most advanced privacy solution for doors and windows. Through the control of electric current, it can dynamically adjust transparency to provide privacy. It is widely used to improve privacy within a space, regulate sunlight entry and increase comfort. Its color-changing capabilities make it a popular smart material for contemporary architectural design.

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    Product parameters

    Product Name PDLC Smart Film Function Decorative for glass
    Feature Self-Adhesive Type Films/ Glass
    Surface Treatment Frosted / Etched/ Opaque/ PNLC Size Customized
    Shape Flat or Curved, Customized Color Customized Color
    Usage Architectural Decoration Advantage Environmental Friendly
    Material PDLC PET Film After-sale Service Online Technical Support

    products features


    Enhance privacy and control unwanted attention with our innovative PDLC smart film solutions.


    Create a versatile space that adapts to your needs and maintains a balance between privacy and openness with our innovative PDLC smart membrane solutions.


    Enjoy the flexibility of using a single glass surface for multiple functions, such as touch screens, home theater or office projection, with our innovative PDLC smart film solutions.


    Our PDLC switchable smart film prevents glass from shattering on impact, providing safety, impact protection and peace of mind.


    Our eco-friendly smart film has 99% UV blocking power, promotes environmental protection and acts as a sound barrier for quiet environments.


    Personalize your solution with custom sizing and ask about customization options to meet your specific needs.


    Widely used in offices, hotels, banks, hospitals, shops, clubs, villas and other places.

    why choose PDLC

    Save Time, Manpower, and Money – the Smart Choice.

    Convenient customization

    Opt for PDLC for effortless do-it-yourself installation, saving both time and energy. 

    Unmatched versatility

    PDLC is perfect for a wide range of spaces, offering outstanding adaptability and style for settings such as offices, bedrooms, hospitals, and hotels. 

    Economical construction

    PDLC film surpasses glass and other films in terms of efficiency, saving time, labor, and costs, making it an excellent choice for renovations. 

    Streamlined installation

    Installing PDLC membrane is simple, avoiding complex processes, reducing construction time, and eliminating unnecessary hassle.

    Labor effectiveness

    The lightweight nature of PDLC film reduces labor requirements during handling and installation, enhancing overall construction efficiency. 

    Rapid construction

    PDLC is easy to install and boasts a swift construction cycle, significantly shortening the project duration.

    Cost-efficient shipping

    Utilize PDLC film to reduce shipping costs.